Local Chef Jock

Christopher James Airlie AKA Jock has lived at Bridgewood House in Stafford for just over a year. Originally from Scotland (hard to believe with a name like that) Jock came south with his family 15 years ago. Following a change in his personal circumstances he found himself looking for a place to live, Bridgewood House which is conveniently situated just across from Jocks work and walking distance to regular train and bus services seemed the perfect solution and one year on this creative young Chef would still agree. 

Managing to secure the largest room at Bridgewood has proved perfect as he has two “wee” girls who are not just the apple of his eye but make regular weekly visits and with such a good size room Jock has his eye on some trendy bunk beds to make their visits feel even more special and home from home. The young girls are firm favourites with the team and are openly welcomed with a trip to the sweet draw when they arrive. Jock’’s room like all the rooms has a desk and chair which makes it perfect for any youngster to enjoy drawing, colouring or reading their favourite book. On rainy days the girls can snuggle up and watch TV but the real plus for this young family is that Jock, a Chef at The Bird In Hand Pub just across the road from Bridgewood, is able to enjoy time with his children, Mum and Stepdad who manage the pub, needless to say that this household are fond of a good old fashioned Sunday Roast.

Jock’’s family manage the Bird in Hand and inspired by his Welsh mum he wastes no time in telling us she is simply the best cook in the world. He started cooking at 14 and has enjoyed many years in the catering industry, more recently he has settled back into one of Stafford’s most vibrant pubs famous for its Black Country Ales collection and mouthwatering selection of pub classics

Since making his home at Bridgewood House Jock has always made good use of the large kitchen area and being a single dad with two lively and mucky children the modern laundry facilities and spacious communal areas have been invaluable but more recently the most notable thing during the Covid pandemic has been the infamous Bridgewood community which has really come into its own. Jock will tell you that “community is really at the heart of the building”. 

Jock is among many of the residents at Bridgewood who have been able to prepare and share meal, buy in bulk to save money with such things as cleaning products and go out of their way to lend a hand with ordering food when times have been tough.  Many of the residents including Jock are currently furloughed and share similar life stories and the friendship and warmth from this community and team has proved a lifeline during this very unusual time.

Jock’s future plans are to be settled with the girls in a two bed house with a garden locally and we hope that staying at Bridgewood House during this journey will help him achieve his goals.