Jess And Ryan

Jess & Ryan

Jess And Ryan’s First Home

Ryan and Jess have lived at Bridgewood House for just under a year, Ryan was originally recommended Bridgewood by a friend when his lease ended on his then home, Jess joined him shortly after and Bridgewood House Residences quickly became their very first home. Ryan is a key worker and Jess works as carer, so location was important to them both. Bridgewood House is well placed for excellent bus and rail links and just a stone’s throw from the lively town centre of Stafford complete with all the well-known high street chains and a good many independent options too. Not long after Jess and Ryan settled in, they decided to start saving for their own home and now just under a year later we are delighted that they are now officially first-time buyers and have moved into their own home in Stafford.

Accommodation In Stafford

Jess and Ryan are happy to attribute this in part to living in local affordable accommodation. The rooms are all well maintained, carpeted with en-suite bathrooms and dedicated desk space, Jess and Ryan had a spacious bright double room on the ground floor, which the Sam the Hotel Manager actively encouraged them to make ‘their own’’.
Each block in the house has many amenities and as a young couple on a budget they were able to make use of the food storage options, shop locally and cook in the large well equipped kitchens although they did also enjoy the odd takeaway from one of a selection of excellent food outlets within walking distance. Another great bonus for the couple was the convenience of on-site laundry facilities saving regular launderette trips.

Jess And Ryan’s Experience At Bridgewood House

Jess and Ryan both say that “Without doubt the loveliest thing about living in Bridgewood House is the community, the people and staff are so friendly” The large communal area which serves breakfast daily is also the heart of the house and residents regularly meet up here for a coffee and a chat, enjoy a game of pool or watch TV. If they hadn’t moved into their own home they would have happily stayed at Bridgewood for the foreseeable future.