Off the Wall - Staffords Urban Art Shout Out

We are delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Off The Wall – The Urban Art Shout Out initiative’ – a campaign launched to encourage local artists to put their stamp on the inside walls of this historic building.

The team at Bridgewood House are on the hunt for artists with a passion for visual and engaging urban art skills to take advantage of the bare brick walls in our building and create a living art exhibition using any modern medium. Those taking part will be given free rein to use stencils, paint, markers, video projection or pop out posters to produce visually impactful art that would ordinarily be seen on the streets and subways of city centres.

This iconic red brick building in the heart of Stafford’s and has recently undergone an impressive re-brand driven by a desire for this huge building to once again be part of this vibrant community. The history of the house dates back to 1896 and with very strong links to education it’s now perfectly placed to thrive in these areas once again. Using visual story telling about the local area, collaborations, and unique art, Bridgewood House aims to provide a place that will cultivate an atmosphere of innovation and positivity as this building becomes a living exhibition for its local community.

Stafford artists that could throw themselves into large scale ink-sanity, create mural mayhem and are happy around hoarding size walls are encouraged to get in touch by emailing or messaging us on our social profiles.

Sam Hadley, Manager at Bridgewood House said: "We aim to have our doors wide open to the community of Stafford and are excited to be working with locally talented people to bring creative arts and expression to the walls of our house. With our recent re-brand we have a real desire to become a locally led facility with creative spaces for the people of Stafford to take advantage of in the future. We look forward to working with local artists and can’t wait to announce who we will be partnering with to take on the challenge.”



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